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This download site for Avantage V5 is now replaced by My Microscope and this website will be retired.


A v a n t a g e   S o f t w a r e 

Version 5 - Please read this information carefully before downloading and installing Avantage

Release Notes





(For engineer use only)

Please see special pre-installation notes for Escalab 250 Xi instruments being upgraded from V5.28 or earlier. K-Alpha, Nexsa, Escalab 250 Xi, Escalab Xi+, Theta Probe (after 2012) - Check the version of Baldor / Mint Workbench is compatible with the current version of Avantage.
Additional Support Software - NOT usually required - consult factory for further information.
Baldor WorkBench V5.5 (K-Alpha or Escalab 250 Xi) Baldor WorkBench (K-Alpha / Escalab 250Xi ONLY) V5.5
The Baldor WorkBench is needed for factory-guided engineer tasks using the stage and PLC controller.  It is not normally required by users or service engineers.
Workbench V5.5 5628 is compatible with Avantage V4.62 onwards.  Download WorkBench V5.5 5628 file (~33MB)
Unzip the file to produce the installation file Mint Machine Center and Mint WorkBench Build 5628 setup.exe
Install ONLY when advised by the factory!!!
The current version of the PLC code is included in the Avantage package.

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